The London office is currently in progress and I'm assisting with bringing the brand into life in the physical space. Below are two murals / vinyl art that are going in. 
This mural be seen when you walk into the office, as mocked up below. BuzzFeed brings people together from all different places in the world. This piece represents the "endless scroll" of the site and shows how we connect people with a wink at The Creation of Adam to represent humanity. 
This "Easter Egg" piece is comprised of different bright pops that each relate to an element of BuzzFeed history. So as you wait for the elevators, you can examine the abstract work and find meaning before the doors open. Nike sneakers, exploding watermelons, and oranges all have significance in the story of the company. This art above was created for New York, and the representation below has been edited with custom items for London.
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